Duration: 1 hour

We provide fun-filled group walks in the heart of Cambridge and are an ideal option for the little ones who love to run around with their buddies and getting their paws muddy. 




Duration: Minimum 30 mins

We provide stimulating one-on-one inidividual walks for the little ones who prefer the company of humans. Suitable for dogs who are a little timid and we usually keep on-lead.  




Duration: 24 hours

Planning a holiday or a business trip?We would be delighted for your dog to spend the night with us! We look after dogs from the comfort of our homes and treat them as family.




Duration: up to 8 hours

Planning a day trip away? We would love to look after your little one for the day. All our WnW pack members stay with us at home during the day and we all have dogs of our own.




Duration: Miminum 30 mins

Requiring that extra little help with your doggies walks? Please get in touch and we will try our best to accommodate your little friend's needs.




Duration: up to 8 hours

Is your wedding coming up and you would like for one of us to attend and look after your little one for the day? We'd be delighted as we know dogs are family.



Frequently asked questions

Group Walks

How long are the group walks?

All our group walks are an hour long. Pick up and drop off time are exluded from the hourly slot.

Is pick up and drop off included in the price?

Yes! Pick up and drop off are included in the price.

Do I need to be home at the time of the pick up/drop off?

No. All we need is access to your dog and instructions on where you'd like us to leave them after their walk.

How do I know my dog is having fun?

We will send you walk summaries to let you know how they are getting on. We also upload daily photos and videos on our Instagram Page where you can checkout the latest WnW adventures. Our Instagram feed can be accessed via our Gallery section.

Do I need to provide leads, treats and poop bags?

No. We provide all the essentials. By law a name tag is required so please make sure your furry friend has an up-to-date tag on their collar/harness.

My dog doesn't like other dogs. Can they still join the group walk?

No. For dogs who prefer the company of humans please refer to our Individual Walk Services.

Individual Walks

How long are the Individual Walks?

We can provide Individual Walks from thirty minutes up to an hour and a half.

Can I book two Individual Walks in one day?

Yes, upon agreement.

How do I know my dog(s) is having fun?

We will send you photos, videos and updates on how their walk went - just ask us!

Can I book in two dogs for an Individual Walk?

Yes, if they are from the same household.

Pooch Sleepovers

Where does my dog sleep?

We do all our dog sitting in the comfort of our own home.

Do they get walked?

Of course! Most of our house guests join our daily Group Walks.

How do I know they are having fun?

We keep you in the loop daily - photos, comments, videos, etc.

What do I need to bring?

We require you bring their own food and any medication they may be currently on. A blanket, a bed or a toy which smells of home is always welcome.

How many dogs stay overnight?

We only welcome one dog per night - or two if from the same household - so rest assured they will be well looked after.

Are there other dogs in the house?

Yes! We all own dogs so before we can take in a house guest we require a prior meeting.

Do you pick them up/drop them off?

Mostly no, but we can arrange to do so. It's best if you pick and drop them off yourself.

Do you take last minute bookings?

If available and we know the dog(s) then yes. We usually get booked in advance so please do let us know as soon as possible.

How long is the pooch sleepover for?

As long as you'd like and we have availibity. The price of the pooch sleepovers are calculate on a 24 hour basis.

Doggy Day Care

Where is it held?

At our home.

Does my dog(s) get walked?

Of course! Most of our house guests join our daily group walks.

How long is the Doggy Day Care for?

Up to 8 hours.

How do I know they are having fun?

We will keep you in the loop - photos, comments, videos, etc.


How do I pay?

We accept the following methods of payment: 1. Bank Transfer 2. Cash 3. Paypal

Do you invoice me?

Yes, we invoice weekly via email.

Are you fully insured?

Yes! All our walks and dog sitting are fully insured.

Is your van dog-friendly?

Of course! All are vans are dog equipped, safe and heat controlled.

What are the Free Introductory Meetings?

Before we take your dog(s) out for their first walk - we need to meet in person and assess their needs. Included in our Free Introductory Meetings are Welcome Packs.

Why are the first three walks 50% OFF?

Our first three walks are 50% OFF in order to make sure your little friend fits well with the WnW Pack. We call it our trial period.

HAve more questions? PleasE DO GET IN TOUCH


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Email: info@walknwag-cambridge.com

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